How to Know You’re Ready to Share Your Life with Someone

It can’t be all about you anymore.

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Most people want to be in relationships. We want to fall in love and be loved. We want the ideal partner. We want to share our lives with someone special.

But what does sharing your life with someone actually mean? How do we know that we are ready to include someone in our lives? Here are some examples of when you know you’re on the right track to letting the right one in.

You’re Willing to Make Time for Them

This is key. When you decide to make someone a priority in your day, you’re taking a step in the right direction. This doesn’t mean you’re spending every day with them, but you at least think of them.

You can show that through a phone call asking about their day or a text saying that they’re on your mind. You incorporate quality time with them into your schedule. Time is a valuable thing and none of us want to waste it, so if you’re choosing to spend your time with someone, you’ve already begun to share your life with them.

You Introduce Them to Your Friends

Before you started dating this person, you had your own life and your own friends, who you spent time with frequently. If you’re willing to bring your new partner into your circle of friends, you’re opening up a special part of your life to them. You’re also showing your friends that this person is important to you and hopefully, if everyone gets alone, you’ll be bringing them around more often.

You’re Willing to Try New Things

We all get stuck in our habits of what we like to do. You could have a strict list of hobbies that you enjoy doing when you have free time such as hiking, playing video games or reading.

With a new partner comes a new set of hobbies that they bring to the relationship. It could be fun to try something that they like and vice versa. Try inviting them on your next hike.

I’m not saying that now you can do everything together. It’s important to keep some things separate. Keep your individuality by enjoying things outside of your relationship, but be open to trying new hobbies together.

Maybe you both have always wanted to take a dance class. Sign up for one together. Maybe you’re both interested in painting. Trying it together would be great quality time and you’d both be learning something new.

When you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone to embrace something new with your partner, not only are you sharing your life, but you’re also opening yourself up to new experiences.

You Consider Them When Making Future Plans

If this person crosses your mind when making future plans for the weekend, an upcoming trip or even where to grab dinner that night, then you really value spending time with them.

You are wanting to share new experiences with them. You truly enjoy quality time together. While it’s nice to always be able to do things separately, you care enough about this person to want to keep sharing your life with them.

You Support Them Emotionally

If they are down or going through something, you are there for them. True emotions always come out when things are bad. When people aren’t too invested, this is usually the time when they run for the hills.

But if you’re willing to be a supportive friend during tough times, then this person really matters to you. You care when they are hurting. You are affected if they are upset. You are emotionally invested at this point. This person has become an important part of your life.

You Show Up for Them

You are their biggest fan. If they get a promotion at work, you’re there to celebrate. If they are a writer, you read their work. If they’re on TV, you watch their show. If they need you as a plus one for a work event, you’re right there. You show up for them, just as you’d want them to show up for you.

You two are a team. You want to cheer each other on. If this comes naturally to you, you’ve got a pretty solid relationship and friendship. You always make it a priority to be there for them.

There are a lot factors that go into letting someone into your life. These are just a few that are important. Just remember, it’s all about making an effort every day to include your partner. You willingly make room for them.

If you find yourself exhibiting all of these behaviors, you are more than ready to share your life with someone. You’re already doing it.

Storyteller | Poet | I write what feels right. Obsessed with love and how we live life.

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